Work, Travel…Repeat

Every morning, on your daily commute, you juggle between your Laptop sling Bag and Handbag. A Laptop Bag for a laptop, its accessories and other stationary items while Handbag for everyday essentials. Your life is organised and compartmentalized, in-spite of the trouble faced during your travel to and from workplace. The only solutions made available for you in the market are those boring Black Laptop Backpacks that fail to capture the imagination.

Take a look at Funk For Hire’s Tree and Yogi Printed Laptop Bag. You won’t need two bags anymore. One Bag, incredibly spacious and sturdy, to cater to every need.


The two zipper compartments help you organize you essentials. The Bag can be worn as Handbag or as Backpack. If the bag gets too heavy for one shoulder, convert it into a Backpack. The padded backpack straps provides the necessary comfort to your shoulders. This fuss-free convertible feature, makes this Bag a must have.


Looking for a good travel-day bag option? Whether you are going on a business trip, or a weekend get away, the bag offers style and features to fit all your needs.

The contemporary print on the bag adds the fun to otherwise boring perception of a laptop bag. The print interprets our mother earth with ornamented trees, quirky yogis, cow, and the everyday mundanes.

IA6A0058 - Print

Why wait? Don’t compromise on design and performance. Shop now at


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