It’s Out Of the Box..

Funk For Hire brings new quirk to your life with its all new- ‘Out Of The Box’ collection. It is inspired from the mundane Indian matchbox- comprising of radiant local pop art.

Exciting new prints, bold colours and lots of fun, we will not fail to surprise you!

Can you ‘match’ that?

Match 1 pic

Matchbox labels are a visual delight of shared culture and basic use. The prints on the labels of these boxes consist of imagery of brilliant blooming flowers, mundane objects, pouncing animals, enticing divine gods and goddesses – splendid, strong, minute, and sensational.

Match 2 pic

Any and every odd thing in India has been captured on the labels of these boxes.

Each matchbox speaks a story- million matchboxes and their various prints inspired us to bring to life this daily object in an amusing and extraordinary manner.

So stay tuned because we have lots in store of you!


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