Quick getaway outside the city-If the sea doesn’t sound fun enough then, how does a trek in the hills with the gushing waterfalls somersaulting on the gorge sound? Take a quick weekend trip  with friends out of the city for some nature trailing fun with your friend.It is bound to rejuvenate you.

Catch-up with friends:Spending time with your tribe is, in and of itself, a great way to reboot over the weekend.Going to pubs for a drink, or meeting over dinner or coffee will give you the time to catch up on each others life and a great way to unwind.


Learn new things: If you could not find time to exercise or give into your creative pursuits during week days, you can do so over the weekend. Enroll in a yoga, dance, calligraphy, pottery, or guitar class or anything that take your fancy on Sundays and Saturdays.It’ll break the monotony of the weekdays and refresh you.

Social work:It is always good to give back to the society and we forget that when the rat-race of life. If you want to do volunteer for some organization or NGO, weekend is the right time to do so. You can either teach kids for free or sponsor meals for them. This is not just good for less-fortunate children in is in return good for your soul, it’ll make you happy and satisfied.


Cut down on internet: If you spend less time on internet, you will find time for yourself and your family. So,unplug yourself and minimize usage of smartphones and laptops during weekend and spend some time catching up on reading or doing a bit of gardening or anything that’s not technology related.


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