String Me On…

India never falls short of inspiration for us at Funk For Hire. Being such a vibrant country bursting with diverse cultures it is indeed a treasure trove of folklore and folk art; and what better way to describe one of the most colourful and culturally rich states than Rajasthan.


More than 1000 years old this fascinating form of storytelling; Kathputli, is a string marionette theatre, native to Rajasthan.Historically, these puppets represented what we today know as “info-tainment”.These puppet shows made people aware of the social problems that everybody was facing and also showed ways of solving them.


However, there’s always some madness behind our prints and for that we look to the good old days, where playing games came at the back of newspapers or puzzle books. Our favourite being Join the Dots, where you follow a sequence of numbered dots to reveal an image.

Mix the two together and you get the inspiration behind our upcoming collection :   Puppet-Putli.

Stay Tuned.



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