Foodies delight this rainy season!

Monsoons are here and it’s really comforting to sit at home with a cup of hot drinking chocolate and enjoy the lashing rain. Staying indoors during the rains and reveling in the beauty of falling raindrops might be a luxury for many. But then there are always comfort food which will add more warmth to your soul on a rainy day. In India, monsoons are much cherished and with the first rains comes an array of food to welcome the rains. And this ‘rain’ comfort food differs from region to region.Here are some Funk For Hire favourites!

GARMA GARAM CHAI– Hot tea or Masala tea in this cold and rainy weather is the best thing one could ever drink. Popularly known as ‘Cutting Chai’ can beat all other drinks this season. No fruit juice and no lassi but 1 cup of hot tea is enough to make you feel comfortable in the monsoon.


PAKODAS AND BHAJIAS: Pakodas & Bhajias is the most desired food for rainy season in every house. From garma garam besan ka pakoda to bread pakoda to any stuffed pakoda is the tastiest when combined with the hot chai. Mirchi Bhajia is always loved this season.


PLATE OF HOT MOMOS: Rapidly increasing in popularity, nothing hits the spot like a plate for fresh steamed momos with a well seasoned filling laced with ginger, garlic, onions and spices. Perfect monsoon food!!

img_8647 (1)

CORN: Corn aka Bhutta is our life savior this rainy season and most loved snack. Eat it at home with family or at a stall with friends, the hotness of bhutta with the taste of salt and lemon will make your day complete. 


MAGGI NOODLES: Though Maggi is banned but what about Noodles-Manchurian-Schezwan combo? The best trio to rely upon this season.


CHAAT: The home-made spicy chaats would never allow us to leave our house. From home-made Paani puri to Chola tikki to Bhelpuri, this treat is actually the best chaat treat to us. These food items have actually made me love these boring rainy days. No other food or drink could beat these. The joy of crunching upon these dishes is the best joy throughout the season. 




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