Time to weatherproof your wardrobe!

Monsoons are a gorgeous time of the year, it brings out the green landscape of India and the smell of the lovely wet soil freshens up both body and mind. But it also brings dirty, wet feet, waterlogged roads and delay in public transport. The biggest dilemma that most people face during this season is about which type of outfit they should wear. If you are worrying about how the monsoon is going to dampen your style from head-to-toe — from frizzy hair to finishing off your favorite shoes — here are some tips to stay dry and yet have fun.

CLOTHES:  Beat the gloomy weather and play with colours when it come to tops and short dresses, avoid dull shades. For bottom-wear, save yourself from the slush and mud by wearing short skirts, denims tucked into boots, shorts, capris and three fourth pants.


ACCESSORIES: For work opt for messenger bags in patent leather and bold hues or for casual outings monsoon bags and totes in bright monochromes and deep shades in digital prints add an edge to any attire!

monsoon 2

Keep yourself dry and stylish by picking rain essentials that extend beyond their functionality. Pick your favorite trend before you buy your monsoon gear, at blends practicality and punch.  Choose a bold coloured sturdy umbrella or fashionable rain trench coat with a belt that are neon in colour or even transparent!.


Swap your leather shoes for more reliable ones in plastic, Perspex and patent leather. Boots are essential footwear during and makes a great style statement, pick a boot that’s both utilitarian and fun. Alternatively, try eco-friendly lace-up shoes by Crocs or colourful and funky flip-flops and peep-toes and avoid fancy shoes.




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