Bored with all your old tanks and plain dresses? Here’s a secret: try refreshing your existing pieces with this one simple trick,a summer scarf! Just one craftily tied scarf can make a simple outfit look and feel brand new!

Make your morning dress-up routine creative and interesting by finding new, unique ways to wear your scarves, from the tried-and-true neckerchief to headbands, belts, and even bracelets.

Scarves have the added bonus of saving you from a bad hair day. If you don’t have time to style (or even wash) your tresses, just turn one of your large, square scarves into a cover-all headwrap.


1.Wrap and wrangle a scarf around your neck however you see fit! The bigger and messier, the better.

2.Give your long scarf a fun summer twist with a low front knot and a loose, breezy dress.

3.Take your bun or ponytail to the next level by wrapping a scarf around it and letting the tails flow free.

4.Make a bold statement with a scarf tied in a bow under your best collared working shirt.

The best thing about scarves are that there are no rule, no wrong or right way to wear one.Plus they’re an affordable way to refresh your wardrobe.Their accessorizing potential is boundless. And quite simply, they’re cute and fun.

Here’s to a fun summer!


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