Let’s go Fly a Kite!!

Flying a Kite, sure brings back a lot of childhood memories for quite a few of us. Whether it was holding the kite, in preparation for the wind to lift it off or waiting for that chance to hold onto the string while it was almost settled in the air.

Flying a Kite makes you feel free, where you can leave all your worries behind and soar to new heights.


Kites appeal to people of all ages and gender, and gives us a sense of freedom, fun, energy and youthfulness.

In many cultures, it is used to mark a new beginning- the start of spring, a birth of a child or to celebrate independence day.


Inspired by this simple yet positive image, we play with it’s form and placement giving you a fun and fresh Summer 2016 collection of  printed tops, tunics, dresses and quirky wardrobe staples.

Stay tuned….


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