Wear Art Thou

Print is our expression of art which spills onto our products. Anything that we observe, read about or fascinates us becomes a part of our inspiration.

With the Doll collection we take you through the journey of how a sketch transcends into a print which we grow to love and explore so much that it adds an extra bit of sparkle to each product.

The print is inspired by the Russian “Matryoshka Dolls” and the diverse cultures found in India. The distinct way of traditional dressing that each woman from different states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Assam, Kashmir, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, are portrayed in the print.


There are various ways to print fabric, however, we use the screen printing method. At the start of this process, the sketch is converted to a soft copy artwork. This is then transferred to a nylon mesh fabric which is fixed onto a frame to form a screen. An emulsion is scooped across the mesh which makes the area impermeable, and with the help of an ‘exposure unit’, only the design area is left exposed.


Depending on the number of colors required in a design, screens are made for each color. To showcase the intricate details of each traditional costume, we have segregated our design into 2 screens.


Ink is then passed through the mesh openings with the help of a fill blade. One color is printed at a time, on to the fabric.

The last process in screen printing is the curing of the printed fabric. In this step, the fabric passes through a textile dryer, where the temperature is extremely high. The heat helps to fix the print onto the fabric, an important step in the process. If not thoroughly cured the printed fabric will not be able to stand up to a washing and there are chances of the ink coming off during the washing cycle.

These printed fabrics are then used in making our products, where we believe the product takes a whole new life.

With a mix of colors, design and functionality; we give you Wearable-Works of Art!


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