Bag Full of Surprises

Sometimes, just sometimes it so happen that while making a product it starts taking on a life of it’s own, the Mela 2-in-1 Messenger Bag was one such product that took us by complete surprise. What started out as a simple messenger bag evolved into something bigger, better and a more complex version of its original self. Structured and roomy, the bag is made of canvas, printed with Indian Mela (Fair). The colourful buntings add to look and feel of the theme. The aqua coloured faux leather trimming acts as a perfect accent to bag.

mela 2 in 1 satchel main crop

Now comes the fun part! The front pouch of the bag is fastened by four heavy duty magnetic buttons, therefore anytime you want to carry a smaller version of the bag, all you have to do is just detach the pouch and hook the strap to the D-ring and VOILA!

mela satchel sling crop

Go for the full version of the bag on regular days and on the days you’re just running errands or going for a stroll sling along the abbreviated version!


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