What’s in your bag?

We want our entire world to fit into one of the most crucial accessories for a woman- the Bag!!

Ever wondered though what makes the bag……well this is where we break it down for you…

As a woman you know how important it is to compartmentalize your world – you don’t want to be digging in to find your keys, or looking out for that lip balm when you need it in an emergency….That’s how we design our bags, with all you girls in mind- The People Printed Double Pocket Sling bag is just the match for you….

DSC08636 - Copy

Carry your entire world? That’s a lot of pressure for a bag to deal with, that’s why there’s a lot that goes into making it strong enough to serve you to its fullest potential.

Manufacturing of People pocket sling bag

Apart from the bright coloured, printed fabric and faux leather that you see on the outside, just like us….a bag too has layers which when glued and stitched together, forms the one important element you can rely on. In this case, these layers can be identified as the middle layer that contains varied qualities of foam rubber and fusing and the interior layer – the lining, which protects all of your essentials from bumps and scratches, while maintaining its structure and outward appearance. Lastly, just like us girls, a bit of bling never really hurt anyone- so then comes the gold metal fittings making it functional and oh so pretty!


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